Remembering Susan O'Malley in Palo Alto (and around the Bay)

If you are driving down Embarcadero Road in Palo Alto for the next week or two, you'll likely see a new batch of 'Community Advice' posters by the late and very lamented Susan O'Malley. They were put up by a group organized by the Palo Alto Art Center, of which I was honored to be a part. It was through her work at the Art Center that I met Susan, and got to help spread her infectiously positive, intelligent, and witty art into my own neighborhood.

Just last October, I ran a week-long class at my daughter's school called 'Susan O'Malley Will Blow Your Mind,' in which Susan came and shared her story, her passions, and her practice with a group of middle school girls. As was only appropriate, the work we all made was more beautiful than the girls could have imagined. 

The posters down Embarcadero are part of project to spread Susan's work throughout the Bay Area this month. Look out for it, too, in Berkeley, San Jose, or San Francisco - or anywhere in between.